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Finding ways to make it work

The last couple of weeks (well probably months really) have been hectic for me, very much so in the all work and no play category. I’m starting to get a bit more time back, and my other half has started to express some interest in taking charge of things a bit more, which I love more than words can explain! So the thing now is how to do we take this energy and do something fun with it?

So far it’s been little things like her giving me little slaps on the ass and getting a little more aggressive sexually as well (again – fantastic!), and the other night she left out a butt plug and a pair of women’s panties (actually I think it was a thong) for me to wear … unfortunately it was hiding under something and I unwittingly moved it and didn’t see it – bit of a fail on my behalf! That sorta ended with us having a bit of a chat where She didn’t think I was in to it, and I wasn’t sure where She stood either – basically just some miscommunication and I think a bit of us both being unsure about how to slip into our roles as Mistress and slave.

So for me I think that’s the next step – finding some way to start working that Mistress/slave dynamic into our lives a bit more. Now I’m not sure what will work as a starting point there – I think maybe if She starts giving me some rules to follow and some basic punishments for failing that might work. Maybe something involving chastity, keeping myself hair free, doing the house work, serving her sexually, I don’t know – it’s hard to pick a starting point that will help create that dynamic for us. I’m open to ideas on this one, and it’s something I want to sit down and talk through with Mistress (see that’s another thing, calling her Mistress more often, certainly no reason to not always do so on the blog here).

I think we’ll get there, we just need to get that dynamic started!


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