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Things about slavery that make me hot

I read a blog post over at Miss D’s blog today, it’s one of a series where she is discussing various types of Mistresses and how they feminize their slaves. Now the ‘why’ the whole feminization thing appeals to me is probably something for another post – but this particular post talked about the “sadistic domme”, which as I was reading really just spelled out a whole lot of fantasies that I have in my head about how I would like my slavery to be. There were a few lines in particular that grabbed my attention that I wanted to share:

She knows how to make you helpless and vulnerable – it’s Her goal to keep you that way – permanently.

If I was to try to come up with one line that summed up the way I want to feel as a slave this hits the nail right on the head. I crave that feeling of helplessness, not having any control over things, and I want my wife to be the one to make me feel like that.

She will almost certainly want you kept in chastity – tease and torment is so much better for you that way.”

I wrote a post about how I feel about chastity a little while back, so I’ll just refer to that for this one.

She is likely to have you pierced in multiple places and may have you tattooed to mark you permanently as Her submissive.”

The whole piercing and tattoo thing is something that scares the hell out of me, but I can’t seem to get the idea out of my head. Again, something I might write a post about in the near future as well

Now there are plenty of other things in that post that make my cock twitch just thinking about it, but you can go and read it for yourself if you like. At the very least its acted as something else to stimulate my imagination, which I always enjoy 🙂


Work/Life/Slave Balance

24 hours in one day is quite simply not enough in my opinion. i’m a busy guy, i work hard at my job, and i do a lot of work outside of my paid time on the job that has been lifting my profile in my industry as well, which has been great from a career perspective, and i have my family with wife and child that i love spending my time doing stuff with – where the hell do i fit being submissive in to all that? Now is a really good example of not having enough time, i have soooooooo much on right now that it’s starting to stress me out a bit (i do have a tendency to throw myself in the deep end a lot, i love a challenge) but because of that i haven’t had time for much else, which means the conversations i’ve had with the wife about wanting to be submissive to her haven’t been able to progress, or even really be talked about any further because i’m too busy. i know i need to start looking for that balance between all of these aspects of my life, and i’m somewhat hoping that balance can include subtlety working the slave angle back into other parts of my life (so that only me and the wife really know whats happening kind of thing). i know this is something i need to work on, and as soon as i can come up for breath from the deep end i put myself into at the moment it’s going to be first on my to-do list – the urge for me to be submissive doesn’t go  away just because i’m busy and i don’t think it ever will.

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