Thoughts on chastity devices

If you go and have a bit of a search around the web for stuff relating to male submission to women, you will no doubt stumble across something to do with chastity devices and keeping us boys from having that sort of fun when no one is watching. You will probably have also noticed that there are two sides to this topic – both agree with the fact that the Mistress should have control over the man and his erections/masturbation/orgasms etc, but its how this is achieved that differs. One group will say that when a man submits to a woman, he should be able to demonstrate enough self restraint to not touch himself without permission, and that there is no need for chastity devices, the other group says that men can’t be trusted and should be locked up and only let out at the Mistress’s discretion (if at all). I’ll put it out there now that i am in the latter group, but not necessarily because i don’t think i could be trusted though.

We currently own a CB2000 chastity device, and in previous attempts at making something work for this type of relationship i used to wear it all the time, 24×7 for days at a time usually. The device itself doesn’t really bother me (sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable but a lot of the time i can barely tell its there) like it does for a lot of people out there (again, looking through forums and web pages a lot of people say most of the plastic ones are incredibly uncomfortable). i was often told that i could take it of to sleep or if it was getting uncomfortable that i could have a break, but more often than not i would choose to keep it on. Why you ask? Well the answer has two parts – firstly, it was a constant reminder of my place and my choice to submit, and secondly it meant that i was horny all the time, which helped me keep my head in that submissive space.

So thinking about the first part there – the constant reminder. i spend a lot of time thinking about ‘kinky’ stuff – i mean a lot of time. So if i already spent all of this time thinking about it, why do i need a constant reminder? Well for me its about the specific trains of though i have i think. When i’m not locked up i find myself thinking about random little fantasies, nothing too major, but its more in the quantity over quality category. When i’m locked up i find myself constantly thinking about my wife, the woman with the key, the woman to whom i give all the power. i think about the ways that i can serve her and ways that she can have her way with me and torture me and the whole kinky thoughts thing takes on a very specific train of thought that revolves around her. i think there is much more of a psychological angle to it that i ever thought there could be and i think that is fantastic – there are so many psychological things about do it for me so anything that adds to the wonderful mess of sexual fantasy in my head gets a big tick in my book.

That constant psychological trigger is what leads to the second point – its more of a trigger for the second point i guess, the constant arousal. The two sorta go hand in hand i think – being aroused by the cage gets me all thinking about how submissive i am, how submissive i can be, and how submissive i want to be – and when i think about those things i get aroused, its all a deliciously vicious cycle.

i’m hoping that as the wife and i start to figure out more of how this type of relationship can work for us that we can do it with me under lock and key – time will tell though.


5 Responses to “Thoughts on chastity devices”

  1. July 23, 2010 at 4:04 am

    Hi bs (betcha didn’t think about that abbreviation, didja? or…then again, perhaps you did, which is tongue in cheek funny!!)

    Just wanted to extend my hand in welcoming you to the Blogosphere, and thank you for commenting on my blog.

    i thought this post was very interesting. Since i don’t wear a female chastity belt, i have only the word of a Dom who plays with me to control me, but to much the same effect.

    Funny how, when something is taken away, but in clear view, we want it all that much more.

    And can’t get the person out of our heads who put it away.

    great post!


  2. July 26, 2010 at 6:44 am

    It is so much more arousing and erotic to have the exact reminder linked to the one who’s created it.

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